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is proud to introduce you to Pasta Cars for Schools.

The Pasta Cars Workshop is for students aged between 5 & 16 Years and aims to introduce Engineering, Maths and Science concepts to children.

Pasta Cars for Schools offers specially designed workshops, tutorials and support.  All pupils receive pasta car kits to build and engineer their own cars. Team work is encouraged to help pupils design the best pasta cars.

It's not all hard work though! The fun begins when the students race the cars they engineered during the workshop. Followed by a Maths element of learning, the students calculate their car’s speed using distance and time factors.

Examples of Pasta Cars for Schools workshop

We offer a CRB checked and first aid qualified tutor, so you can be rest assured that students are safe whilst learning!

The Pasta Cars Workshop with our own tutors is currently available in South Wales. However, we can provide workshops to schools nationwide.

Contact Us to enquire about getting your school involved in the Pasta Cars for Schools workshops.

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